Sawarna Beach: It’s the hidden paradise of south Java (Banten)


Sawarna beach is located in a hamlet named Sawarna , District Bayah , Lebak, Banten Province. Many people call this beach as the second most beautiful beach after Bali , commonly referred as The hidden paradise because sawarna beach like a hidden paradise that is unknown many people.


Icon of Sawarna Beach - Tanjung LayarIcon of Sawarna Beach – Tanjung Layar via josephsayogo

With the relatively cheap tour cost this beach is very suitable as a vacation spot for your family .Many beautiful place available on the sawarna beach with charm and uniqueness , such as Tanjung Layar with 2 pieces of rock that is located on the outskirts near the shoreline resembles the sails.

No less than the other beaches , sawarna beach has a beautiful spot of sunrise and sunset. many photographers from outside the area willing to sacrifice his time and expense for capture this amazing moments . Besides to enjoying the Sunrise and Sunset, a few visitors make this beach as a place for surfing , usually the surfer is dominated by foreign tourists .

Sawarna beach is a clean beach and has not been exposed to a variety of contamination and pollution .Which makes Sawarna beach more beautiful is the harmonization between the sea coastal landscape and the green trees of tropical forests with white sand and very clean water

We recommend some of the usual route, If you come from Jakarta :

  1. Jakarta – Sukabumi – Pelabuhan Ratu – Bayah
  2. Jakarta – Kalideres – Rangkas Bitung – Bayah
  3. Jakarta – Pandeglang – Malingping – Bayah

For the inn, you can contact us because we have cooperation with some villas and Homestay owners at the sawarna beach . On the Sawarna beach, there are many facilities such as central as gifts or souvenirs , tour guides , shelters , gazebos and small shop . We hope you enjoy your vacation and dont forget to prepare everything before you start your trip.

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One of the good beach, it still clean but everything expensive there, prepare your wallet if want to go there.

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